Richard Southey by Amanda Curran

Richard Job Southey aka Dick, born in Redfern, Sydney on 6th May 1878 was one of 9 children. His father Charles was a seaman for Her Majesty's Naval fleet as was his grandfather Job.

Family law has it that Richard would sit out on his veranda on weekends playing his music, the neighbours would gather around and have a sing song. His instruments were hand made. The photos are said to be taken at the Tivoli, Later Gladys and Doris would play the piano for the silent movies.

Richard married Mabel Jane Harris in 1897 at Newtown, an Aunt recalls Richard and Mabel driving via horse and cart to the Paddies Markets in Sydney bringing back fresh vegetables for their shop in Kogarah, now the sight of the Commonwealth Bank. When Mabel died she left a grocery store and houses which were divided between the girls, they had done exceptional well financially. It is said that Mabel was the worker in this relationship. It is also said that when Richard died Mabel said, " at least I know where he is now", Richard was said to be a ladies man, he detested any kind of alcohol and wouldn't have it in the house.

Gladys was born in 1898, Doris 1899. I have no knowledge when the Tivoli was active we think my grandmother Gladys was about 16 years old in these photos. Richard died age 40 in 1919 from Pneumonic Influenza.

by Amanda Curran

Pictures and text copyright Amanda Curran 2004, used with permission.

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