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  The following are edited extracts from  Houdini in Australia which details the escapologist's tour of Australian in 1910.                   


Houdini's performance in Melbourne

Houdini's dive into the Yarra

Houdini's Sydney Challenges

Houdini's milk can escape in Melbourne

Houdini's first flight




Houdini's Tour of Australia  By Leann Richards.

When escapologist Harry Houdini toured Australia in 1910 he brought magic, mystique, his wife and an aeroplane. Houdini conquered crowds and nearly caused riots, he escaped straitjackets and shackles and flew through the air. Some said he was supernatural, to others he was a fraud, but Houdini confounded them all.
978 1 74027 396 1, 60pp, $17.50 Available through the publishers website here

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