The Australian Production of The Merry Widow 1908-1909

From the Referee 30th September 1908


Carrie Moore

Andrew Higginson

Victor Gouriet

Florence Young

Reginald Roberts

WS Percy

Mr A Hunter

 Claude Bantock

Mr E Nable

George Castles

Mr D B O Connor

Jessica Deane

Ivy Scott

Connie Milne

Nellie Wilson

Gladys Turner


It has been a long time in coming but when it did appear in Sydney for the first time on Saturday, the eager anticipation with which it was awaited was evidenced by the vast audience that crowded Her Majesty's Theatre to see "The Merry Widow". Like most widows it has been remarkably successful wherever it has appeared and whether it is on account of the captivating music, the setting, or the valse itself with its sensuous music, will remain a debatable question. The play marks a definite departure from the musical comedy farce productions. Apart from the cleverness of the plot, which reaches intensity in many instances, there is a brightness of action, good music and fine orchestration. 



Postcards by Talma photos-from the original production 1908.

"I went to see the M. Widow last week & it was very good" -Inscription on a postcard from Claude-dated 5/10/08



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