HAT-History of Australian Theatre

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All articles are by Leann Richards except where indicated. Please acknowledge the site and the author if using these for research or study purposes.



Biographies of performers from the newspapers

Australian Scenic Design- the 19th Century  

William Anderson  

Tom Dawson- New Article about the Comedian.

Celia Ghiloni

Guest Articles

The Musical Gardeners

By Isolde Kinns

Dick Southey- some pictures and information

By Amanda Curran

Arthur Slade

By Lesley Whitla

Elva Clarissa Blair

By Ian Foster

Nora Kerin

By Rachel Murrell


Articles about performers by Leann Richards

Harry Clay

Harry Rickards

Harry Tighe

Houdini In Australia

Madge Elliot and Cyril Ritchard

Dorothy Brunton

Bob Fitzsimmons 1909

Arthur and Amy Dacre

Arthur Stigant

Irving Sayles

Minnie Everett

George Lauri

Carrie Moore

Maggie Dickinson

Florence Young

Minnie Tittell Brune


Josie Melville

Fred and Gus Bluett

Ugo Biondi


Nellie Melba in Sydney 1902

Goody Two Shoes, Pantomime, Sydney, 1919

Marie Ney in Sydney 1941

Oh Lady, Lady. Musical 1920s

Harry Lauder in Australia 1914

Cinderella Pantomime- 1914


The first week of the Old Vic in Sydney 1948.

Henri L'Estrange

The Further Adventures of Henri L'Estrange

RG Knowles in Australia 1896-97

Blondin In Australia 1874

Sally-Musical 1923        

A brief glimpse of Adeline Genee in Sydney 1913

Oscar Wilde's plays in Sydney

Pictures and reviews of The Merry Widow in Sydney 1908

Lola Montez from Australian Variety and Show World-1917


Her Majesty's Theatre Sydney to 1933  

Prince Edward Theatre

The Theatre Royal Sydney to 1913

The Tivoli Melbourne to 1914

The Tivoli Sydney to 1910

The Criterion Theatre Sydney


A Short History of the Anglo Australian Theatre to 1910

Australian Theatre in the 1920s

The Depression and Live Theatre

Summer of the seventeenth doll

The St James Theatre Sydney opening-1926

Locations of Sydney Theatres

Pantomime in Australia

Djin Djin   

The Royal Comic Opera Company






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