Below are some short biographies from the Australian Society of Magician's ( A.S.M.) magazine The Magic Mirror dated 1910

April 15 1910

Mr W D'Argavel

When a lad in New Zealand, our subject saw a magician perform and decided to become a conjuror. Being in a lonely part he had to rely on himself, as he had no one to teach him, so devoted much time to inventing and improving on tricks he had seen. He knew nothing of apparatus until he joined Prof. Anderson (Bro. Phil. Davis) 27 years ago as a manager. From here he joined a circus, with a balancing and contortion act. This was followed by 5 years as a commercial traveller, and he found his magic of great use in his business by reason of his popularity through showing at the various towns. Tiring of commercial life, he joined a circus as business manager, advance man ,etc., and came to Australia with Fillis 'circus. He favors dexterity rather than spectacular or conversational style, and constant practice has enabled him to b.p. a full pack of cards. Physical culture and ju jitsu are subjects one seldom associates with magic, but Mr D'Argavel is an expert. As is usual with magicians he is fond of music and plays the mandolin and sings a good song in several languages. Truly a versatile performer.

June 15 1910

Mr P Abbott

The centre of Sydney magicdom is undoubtedly the King Street Depot of the New York Novelty Co., and the man in charge, Mr Abbott, is , therefore, well known by the army of wandwielders, so that no introduction is necessary. He has had the magic fever for about six years, but like his smile, it wont wear off. He favours comedy magic, and unlike many alleged comic magicians, comedy suits him. He also likes spectacular acts, and if ever he takes to the road, he will need a big staff of assistants to look after the countless trunks and cases. He fills in a good time with concert work, and has many repeats which speaks well for his popularity. At present he is preparing a novelty in the comedy line to fill an engagement with a pantomime company. To be a magician and to teach others how to be magicians, are distinct branches of the art, but Mr Abbott is successful in both, and deserves great praise for his thoroughness as a tutor, judging by the performances of his various pupils. His interest and work in connection with the A.S.M. make him a popular and prominent member, and he is recognised as one of its most ardent workers.

September 15 1910

Mr C O Williams (Carl Orton)

When one thinks of the A.S.M. , those thoughts must include the name of its Secretary , Mr C.O. Williams, or , as he is otherwise known, "Carl Orton". In fact, he is one of its founders , and has laboured  very hard for the Society ever since. And we are pleased to add-with very profitable results.

Mr Williams does not at present display his talents as a Magical Entertainer, perhaps, as often as some of us would wish, but when he does show, it is with a fund of wit, and a style, peculiarly his own and pleasing in the extreme, which never fails to secure him a good "hand".

He is of an inventive and constructive turn of mind, and is never satisfied unless improving something -for his hobbies never allow him to rest,.

Mr Williams has been Editor of this magazine since its inception, and as his knowledge of the Magic Art is very thorough, it enables him to be up-to-date in everything pertaining thereto.


Hamilton, 1st Sept.,1910.


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