Ruth Draper (1884-1956)

American Monologist

S Esme Percy (1887-1957)

English Shakespearean actor

Max Reinhardt (1873-1943)

Austrian Actor

Pauline Chase

English Actress

Alfred Lunt (b 1892) and Lynn Fontanne( b 1887)

American actor and his English actress wife.

Alla Nazimova (1879-1945)

Russian Actress

Gwen Ffrancgon Davies

English actress

Ursula Jeans, Leon Quartermaine, Flora Robson

English actors

Herbert Beerbohm Tree (1853-1917)

English actor

Asta Neilsen

German actress

Rejane (1857-1920)

French Actress

Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson

English actors, toured Australia 1957

Jose Collins


Alfred Drake


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